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Medical evaluations (BM - Med)

Evaluations of psycho- physiological reactions on the driving simulator. Analysis of radiographs with assessments and measures, such as calculation of a scoliosis from a spine X-Ray Cephalometric evaluations Motor functions Evaluations Medicolegal evaluations Disability assessments Gait and posture Evaluations ROM Evaluations Evaluations of somato- reactive asymmetries Evaluations of fat mass-lean body mass Measurements of muscle hypo- hypertrophy

Analysis of the reaction times

All time including motor response can be calculated to the thousandth. Currently you can measure fairly accurately the execution time of the gesture. BM allows: The simple reaction time Analysis of complex reaction time Analysis of the motor running time and gesture evaluation With BM we can calculate the signal transmission time from the motor cortex to the effector Functions present in: BM tech, BM med, BM ergo

Biomechanical evaluations

The Biomechanics is a science that studies the human movement from mechanical and biological point of view, allows to intercept situations of imbalance in any sport that can be the origin of an injury. With BM we can also calculate the strength of the exercises execution, work and power. Speed, angles, times, acceleration, dominances and qualitative assessments of the gestures are now easily calculated with BM

Shared analysis tool

The shared analysis tool allows you to create a presentation of the analysis performed on video. You can share all the videos analyzed and you can insert audio and video comments.You can also scroll through the key images as in a powerpoint presentation and be able to add any digital document produced. The software takes up little space and is therefore easy to send by web.

Material Analysis

Our software allows careful evaluation of thermal expansion and contraction of materials. It also allows us to analyze the strength and elasticity. Very useful in crash tests, BM can calculate the resilience and elastic recovery, record permanent or temporary deformations, to value vibrations generated and measure wave and speed of the same. BM ergo is a new and irreplaceable software for those who make analysis of work cycles, materials or crash tests.

Addition of external data

BioMovie can display data calculated as diagrams by the program and can import external data. The great advantage of this new technology and this possibility is that you can analyze graphs generated by any instrument (inertial sensors, force platforms, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, impedance meter etc) along with the video, avoiding interpretation errors about the graphics and having a clear understanding of the analyzed phenomena.
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