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BIOMOVIE STANDARD: It is a video player, converter and very simple video analyzer. It allows the basic functions of video analysis with the ability to cut and save video. BM Standard has functions of analysis of the times, of manuals angles and other exclusive angles for this type of software. BIOMOVIE PRO: Contains many other functions for the analysis of gesture and movement: for example dynamic angle, angular velocity etc. BIOMOVIE TECH: It's the full version of all functions useful to Biomechanics, coaches, sports trainers and physiotherapists. It creates a shared analysis of the assessment which allows easy storage of processed data BIOMOVIE PREVENTION AND RECOVERY: immediate use version designed for the prevention and recovery of injured athletes. A series of tutorials show how to perform the main tests: Hamstring tests, Jump, Mobility, Speed. BIOMOVIE ERGO: It's a very sophisticated version of the program that allows the analysis of the interface between man and environment, the study of crash test and evaluation of the materials BIOMOVIE MED: Allows a series of medical tests, innovative analysis of radiography, anthropometric measurements, functional and postural assessments and disability evaluation

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