Two eyes are not enough

Video analysis, necessary tool

Often our visual perception of movement, especially the fast one, is not sufficient to analyse it. Knowing well who we are evaluating, athlete or patient, is a necessary ingredient for a correct diagnosis or to improve the performance . Years of biomechanical studies on professional athletes helped us to realize a new instrument of video analysis not-invasive, cost-effective and scientifically reliable: Biomovie. The program analyzes by videos with unique and innovative tools able to satisfy the most demanding researcher with a simple and intuitive interface. In a few steps you’ll be able to use your program.

How long it takes an analysis?

This is one of the first questions that a user ask when he looks for a program like Biomovie. Thinking to it we have optimized the processing times; in a few minutes you’ll have your results! You need only two hours of free training to learn how to use Biomovie.

Follow your athlete

Biomovie will follow the progress of your athlets and patients. Do you have doubts about the effectiveness of a video analysis software? Contact us and send us your video. We'll process it for free, then you can decide to change or not your idea.
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Software for video analysis

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